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Halloween and Romania

We all know that usually Halloween is celebrated on October 31,and we took it from the United States,even if historically it comes from the Celts who was conquered by the Romans,and then they spread across a great part of the known world,yeah..long story.And we also know,or heard that the name comes from All Hallows’ Day’”.So,now let’s talk about something else than history and legends.

Halloween is celebrated almost everywhere,even in Romania.This time of year countless numbers of fearless tourist travel to celebrate the Halloween in Transylvania,this region being very famous because of Dracula and all the vampires stories.

Romanians celebrate this holiday with costume parties,actors playing Dracula inspired scenes.Halloween is a special holiday in places like castle Bran,who is associated with 15th centruy Prince Vlad Tepes (1431476).


Also,Romanians celebrate Halloween in familly,or with friends watching horror movies or telling scary stories.

But today when I think about Halloween everything that comes to my mind is “Colectiv”.And I want that this article to be a memorial for all the teenagers that died last year in the “Colectiv”.I don’t know how many of you remember,they were there to celebrate this holiday on October 30.The metal rock band “Goodbye to Gravitywas there to scare away the spirits of the dead,but unfortunately the spirits wanted almost the whole club to be dead like them.I want you now to remember that then was almost 70 people who died,I want that this holiday to be a memorial because last year when they died we had three days of national mourning,we changed a gouvern,because the last Halloween for Romania has meant awakening.Bucuresti,_Romania,_Club_Colectiv_(Tristete_fara_glas).JPGjhgsd


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