direct din suflet

Good ol’ days

We are here,having fun,laughing,loving,dancing all around,singing,drinkin’ wine and wondering if someday will be better.

We are wondering when the hell we will be independent,on our own,to have all the rights on the earth,when will come the day when our parents will think it’s enough,that we are grown up.

We want these things,oh so much,because now we are young,stupid young people.We don’t realise that out there it’s cold,really cold.

We don’t realise that when your own feet,you will fall down and there will be no one to help you.We don’t realise that how now we think how perfect was when we were children,that’s how will think then…We don’t realise that we’ll never be younger that we are today,never healthier than we are today,never more thankfull than we are today…We will always wanna to be better than it is,we’ll always have this idea that we need more…
Because we don’t realise that the best is yet to come.

We don’t know that these days will be the good ol’ days.

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