direct din suflet


You.Where are you?Tell me how many  jerks I need to meet until I finally meet you?Tell me how many nights I will spend crying until you will think it’s time to come and wipe my tears?How many days I will spend wondering if somehow I will meet you on the street or a the supermarket or if I will meet you Sunday on church,or Saturday at the Coffee shop?How many nights I will be sleepless thinking if I already met you and I didn’t know?Are you the guy i had crush on 7th grade?Or the boy who I started talking two months ago?How many afternoons i will wish you ‘d be here with  me at sunset?

How many boys will disappointed me until you will came to prove me wrong?So, tell me.How many?
Or at least tell me where you are and what are you doing?I will come to meet you, if you think it’s too early.Let me find you.Or better find me.Cause I’m tired of all these liars, assholes, of all these boys who think they are the sun.I’m the sun, come to light!

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