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13 reasons why everybody should watch 13 reasons why

So there is this serial “13 reasons why” ,I am sure you hear about it and even if you didn’t , you are now, it is about suicide.And now I’m gonna give you 13 reasons why you should watch it.

  1. You need to know how much power words have.Words matter.Words can hurt more than anything.
  2. It’s more than an high-school drama.We all are use to high-school drama and we start ignore people who are really hurt, alone, people who need support.This is a suicide story, but it’s also a story about a community affected by loss. Parents, teachers, friends, people who knew Hannah. It’s a story that grown-ups can relate to, not just a story directed at teenagers. We all ask “why” after someone die, more than that when they suicide.
  3. You need tot know that behind everyone there are scars, there are stories untold, secrets… behind everyone else it’s more than you ever knew or saw.
  4. You need to know that it’s not just your life that sucks or that other people lives really sucks.
  5. It will make you feel lucky,brave,strong,miserable,quilty…it will make you feel stuffs.
  6. It’s about everything: mistery, action,drama,romanace, friendship, family…
  7. Actors play very good, they so talented.Good music.
  8. You will want to do something about suicide, and you should!!!
  9. It will make you to want to be better.And how you can treat people much better than you do.
  10. It educates us about the pervasiveness of rape culture. Yeah,the show it’s about this too.It also about gossip and why gossip is damaging.
  11. It’s a reminder for adults, they need to know the shit that teenagers have to go through everyday.
  12.  & 13.

    If you are thinking about suicide, please call : your mother,your family,if you don’t have, call a friends, if you don’t have a friend, call me,write me, I’m gonna be your friend!!

      If you have experienced sexual violence,
     and you can’t tell to anyone,but you want to tell to someone         anyway,tell me.I will listen,I’m gonna be there for you!


Hugs & kisses,



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