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What’s missing us? | Tourism in Romania

Nowadays, tourism is a sector quite well known in Romania, but still can not compare to tourism in others European countries.We have a lot to upgrade about this sector.What are the secrets that keep us away from the success of tourism?What’s missing us?

First of all, I think that the person who wants to start a business who brings tourists in Romania,have to ask herself what are they coming for?Usually, the tourists come to see something authentic, even it’s a local,regional or national specific,from the way of living,to authentic experiences, traditions or gastronomy.For example, an authentic experience would be to participate to Romania ‘s traditional dance : hora.If it’s to talk about the traditions, there are a lot,(…).Romania’s authentic gastronomy is popular for sarmale, polenta with cheese, and of course for the drinks.

Although,we have we have the mountains, the hills,beautiful landscapes and the sea, and still something is missing.

It’s not enough to have a beautiful place or being traditional, one of the most important thing is the quality of services and the decent prices.The quality of services it will be seen in the organization and activities, but also in the attitude of the people who serve the tourists.For example, some hotels offer low-cost accommodation and food packages, meeting a good quality-price, other people consider that  is very beneficial if waiters are more than polite, waiters should be kind.

Second of all, I believe that the thing that bring tourist is the publicity, however not the one you make it through social media or posters, it’s about the one which you make through other people, through other tourists.For example, the way you welcome the guests says a lot, or it can be about the clean and also the originality, these things will make the tourist recommend your business as tourist destination.When someone goes in vacantion goes because they want to relax,right?Who would relax in a messy place or in a place where they aren’t treat well.They pay, make their money worth.

Another thing, the tourists complaining when they are coming in Romania are the bad roads, most of the time they can’t arrive to the destination because of the bad roads.

In conclusion, there aren’t really secrets about hospitality or success in the tourism that we have to find, there are just steps which every entrepreneur must follow if he wants to have success in his business.In my view, the success hospitality and tourism consist in how much and how good you serve the guests.

PS. this essay was writing for Doing business in Romania (UBB Cluj) .


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