direct din suflet

But hello

I don’t know where’s your mind at, but hello?!I can see your heart through your eyes.I can see the sadness in the way you look.I don’t know you.But I know you’re just not o fine.68ef2429d6df650385c6faa5fe9b445a

I have no idea why I feel like writing this now, but I know I have something to do it with that.Just say it.What makes your heart cry?Tell me..Cry on my shoulders.I can see your pain.I can see it.You are fighting and this war you can’t win alone.You are praying to God asking Him what you should do.

You want to make people see there’s  good in this world, you want to make good things.You put your faith in God, but it still so  hard sometimes….sometimes you fail, you doubt…When you see that everyone wants to bring you down.You’re hurt and still nobody see, nobody understand.They ask just because they are curious, nobody really cares…and your heart is breaking..You are looking for a place to call “home”..

You are homesick for a heart who could love all your flaws, all the broken pieces.

You are hurt.You are in pain.And..I can see it in your broken smile…


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