I want an escape.

And I want it now. Tonight.

I want to get in a car. Turn the music on. Singing along and get lost.65580a308d13934f925093ac7d80a420

I want tomorrow to wake up in the woods at a chalet. To drink my morning coffee watching the snowfall from the veranda or well, if it’s too cold from the window, with his arms around me…

I want to explore the hills and to play with the snow,  to make snow angels.

I want to climb a mountain. Climbing a mountain was the best experience in my life, I think…

It really makes you realize you are blessed and that you should be thankful.

I want a quiet place. I want some peace.

I want to listen the birds singing if it’s possible.

I want a hug, a long hug.

I want sunny days and fresh air…

I need to breathe…

I need an escape from my own mind. I need to clear my mind…d49ef57e2726a2b80a372b32e2de712f.jpg

I need an escape from reality.

I want to run away with you.

I just want to be alone…with you.

Hugs and kisses,



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